Prepping for a Spray Tan

By sunstudio37355

Prepping for your spray tan is the most important part to achieve that perfect bronze look. Before your spray tan- Shower-exfoliating, shaving, scrubbing all dry skin areas. Come in with perfectly clean skin- no makeup, perfume, deodorant or lotion on your skin. We recommend wearing loose dark clothing. The initial spray tan solution may come off onto clothing, so older dark clothing works best. Nothing that leaves impression in the skin- tight undergarments/socks etc.

You can not shower, get wet/overly sweaty for 8-12 hours after your spray. During this time your spray tan is developing and any water and/or tight clothing could cause streaks in your spray tan. After 8-12 hours you can shower! You want to use warm- not hot water, no exfoliating or scrubbing, and then pat dry. Always use a moisturizer after your shower. Moisturized skin will hold a spray tan for longer. Spray tans last 5-7 days and these guidelines are for both custom and booth sprays.