Step 1

Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your spray tan is applied.

  • Use a body scrub and washcloth/lufa to exfoliate your skin in the shower 24 hours before your spray tan is applied. Ask a Skin Care Expert at Sun Studio what body scrubs are best for preparing for a pray tan.
  • Complete any waxing/shaving you need at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.

Step 2

Arrive at your spray tan appointment with clean skin. Ideally, you should shower and exfoliate about 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.

  • By showering and exfoliating 24 hours before your appointment, you’re allowing your skin to reach the best pH level for taking a spray tan.

Step 3

Be careful what clothes and shoes you wear to your spray tan appointment. The clothes and shoes you put on immediately following your appointment can cause all sorts of problems with your tan if you’re not careful. You’ll want to avoid anything with straps (including a bra) so as not to create lines in your tan.

  • Light cotton clothing that is loose fitting and without straps is your best option for wearing home from your appointment.
  • Sandals are also the best footwear option, but be careful that the straps on your sandals don’t cause lines in the tan on your feet.

Step 4

Avoid deodorant, makeup, perfume, and lotion. The day of your spray tan appointment you may want to avoid using products such as deodorant, makeup, perfume, and thick or heavy lotions. If you have no choice but to wear these items that day, make sure you tell the spray tan technician before your appointment.

  • These products form a layer on top of your skin that the spray tan product won’t be able to penetrate. That means when you wash these products off, the skin where they use to be will be lighter than the surrounding skin.
  • Wearing eye makeup to your appointment should be okay, and won’t need to be removed before the spray tan is applied.

Post Spray Tan Care

Step 1

 Shower properly after your spray tan is applied. Your first shower after your spray tan is applied should be lukewarm, not hot. You’ll also want to use really light and natural products on your skin to help prolong the tan as long as possible. Ask your spray tan technician which products are best to you after a spray tan.
  • Refrain from using bar soaps.
  • Avoid any soap products that have a lot of added items (like moisturizers) as they’ll leave residue on your skin.
  • Moisturize after your shower with a light water-based moisturizer. As with the soap, don’t use a moisturizer with added oils or other products.

Step 2

Shower in cool or cold water when possible. The cooler the water in your shower, the better. Your spray tan will not only last longer with cooler water, it’ll prevent your spray tan from being uneven.
  • It is also a good idea to have short showers rather than baths while you have a spray tan.
  • When drying off after a shower, use a blotting motion with your towel rather than a rubbing motion.

Step 3

 Exfoliate specific parts of your skin every couple of days. Some parts of your body will naturally shed skin faster than other parts, specifically areas that rub against skin or clothing. As these areas shed skin faster, your spray tan will also fade faster. Exfoliate these areas gently every couple of days in order to balance the colour out and make the tan look more even.
  • Use only gentle products and tools to exfoliate your skin. A washcloth or a gentle body scrub will both work well. Ask our Skin Care Experts which products to use for this step!

Step 4

 Moisturize your skin with a produce that won’t fade your tan. Unfortunately not all moisturizers will help keep your tan glowing. You do need to make sure to use the right type of moisturizer in order to prolong your spray tan as long as possible. Good options are cocoa butter, aloe vera body butter, or coconut oil. You’ll want to avoid products that contain citrus extracts. Ask our Skin Care Experts for the best options for you!
  • At the very least you should moisturize your whole body after you shower or bathe every day.
  • You can also moisturize your skin before you go to bed.

Step 5

Continue to use sunscreen when outside. Even though you have a spray tan on your skin, you still need to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. This means you still need to apply sunscreen to every piece of exposed skin while you’re outside, including your face. In order to protect your spray tan, however, use water-based sunscreen lotions rather than oil-based.

Step 6

Wait to shave or get a wax until just before your next tanning session. The act of rubbing against your skin with a shaver, or pulling at your skin with a wax, will make your spray tan fade faster. Since most spray tans only last up to 7 days, try to avoid shaving or waxing until the last couple of days in the 7 day period. But make sure to shave or get a wax at least 24 hours before a new spray tan session.

Step 7

Apply a self tanner in-between spray tans. Because different parts of your tan are going to fade faster than others, it’s beneficial to use a self tanning product at home in-between spray tan applications. One place this will be particularly important is your face, as the tan on your face is likely to fade approximately 3 days after you get the tan applied. Another good spot to use a self tanner is on your legs. Ask out Skin Care Experts for a product recommendation!

Step 8

Avoid chlorinated water if possible. Summer is a typical time for lots of swimming. Unfortunately the chlorine in a pool will cause your spray tan to fade faster. Ideally, try to avoid chlorinated pools as much as possible, especially within the first week or so after you’ve had your spray tan applied.
  • If you’re near the end of a spray tan period (and going to get a new one in a few days), swimming in chlorinated water will actually help you remove more dead skin and old tan before your new tan is applied.